AKTIVORA 24 Hour Protection Sanitiser and Cleaner


Available on Hunter Apparel Direct in sizes;

Aktivora Sanitising Spray 100ml

Aktivora Sanitising Spray 250ml

Aktivora kills Corona Virus and is made from totally natural plant-based ingredients, unlike many alcohol or petroleum-based sanitising products that are not just harsh on the skin but can also be highly inflammable and very dangerous. This is safely applied to the skin as well as other surfaces.

Aktivora provides a super-strong electrostatic positive charge that coats and protects treated surfaces from further contamination of germs, dirt, algae and surface soiling for prolonged periods. This protective barrier also prevents bacteria from feeding and breeding by cutting off the food source, whilst at the same time, the electrostatic effect also disrupts and kills germs. It is also accumulative, meaning, the more you use it, the stronger the protection, as any broken surface matrix will “heal itself” and therefore you need to apply significantly less for every application thereafter as the previous coating is still active.

“Aktivora stops this virus in its tracks.  Coronavirus does not survive on any Akivora coated surface it comes in con­tact with and it can be safely used in any industrial or domestic setting.  You can spray it on your clothes, uniform, in your washing machine, on any­thing at all, and it will give you a protective barrier against the virus,” Simon Hunter CEO, Hunter.

Aktivora has “Seek and Destroy” molecules that penetrate and break a part biofilm and dismantle the cell walls of germs, at the same time, dehydrating them so they effectively “implode” therefore, building a resistance to this technology is impossible! Aktivora penetrates up to 10 times more efficiently than conventional cleaners and disinfectants and therefore delivers unrivalled and superior performance in kill rate efficiency and cleaning power, with log kills up to 99.999%.

Super Efficient Multi-purpose Sterilizer & Barrier

✅ Test report proves total destruction of coronaviruses - including SARS CoV-2 (cause of Covid-19 Disease)

✅ Kind to skin tough on bacteria & viruses. All-natural plant-based ingredients contains No Alcohol. Made in Ireland.  

✅ Spray on Hands and Surfaces. Spray Hands and frequently touched surfaces to keep your environment free of germs. This is ideal for spraying on masks and protective clothes for frontline workers. The Spray can also be used on ambulances, taxis, bus, trains, aeroplanes, and ferries.

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AktivoraSanisiser & cleaner

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