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Globus Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of global worker safety solutions for Hand Protection, Safety Eyewear, Head Protection, Hearing Protection and Respiratory Protection.

With a unique style and identity, our solutions are bespoke and built upon the cornerstones of protection, ‘wearability’, compliance and productivity. 

The Globus group includes multiple brands showing below.

Use each of the links below to view the product ranges available from each.

Globus Group Brands

You can mix and match products from Hunter or any of our suppliers delivered to you via our award winning HunterPAC® managed service portal.

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Alpha Solway

Alpha Solway® is a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of world-class respiratory protection, eye protection, hearing protection, head protection and protective clothing solutions for over 30 years. They have a strong reputation for quality and service and are committed to doing all they can to help your business stay compliant, safe and productive.
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ENHA develop high-quality head protection products, with the customer at the heart of everything we do. ENHA has a strong heritage, stretching back over 30 years of German engineering. Our head protection range incorporates patented, award-winning technology, providing superior performance and safety for the wearer.
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From intricate surgical procedures through to handling chemotherapy drugs, HAIKA® offers a comprehensive range of gloves for applications right across the healthcare spectrum. In addition to the glove portfolio, Globus works in partnership with buyers conducting feasibility and usage assessments and then makes recommendations based on the organisation’s needs.
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Riley® offers a sophisticated range of high performing safety eyewear, comprising of safety glasses (including RX safety glasses) and safety goggles constructed to protect your eyes in a wide range of environments. Each of the safety eyewear products has been engineered with ingenuity and crafted to exceptional standards in a contemporary, modern style.
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SHOWA® is synonymous with the highest degree of hand protection and innovation. SHOWA technology has forever changed the protective glove industry, what our hands are capable of and the impact they make on the environment. Perfection is not a destination, it’s a journey driven by innovation; and by introducing several technological milestones in its glove styles, SHOWA has regularly raised the bar. Such innovations also underscore a commitment to continually make the best gloves even better.

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Skytec® gloves deliver advanced hand protection for users in many different industries. The Skytec range will fulfil all your safety obligations whilst delivering exceptional value for money and gaining widespread user acceptance. This is underpinned by the positive effect the range can have on worker productivity, environmental and waste costs, insurance premiums, expensive downtime and 'management' time.

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