Hunter Ultra Plus- EN14683 Certified Face Covers - Tested to Type IIR Standard - Flat Fold - 100 Washes - Pack of 5

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The Hunter Ultra Plus has been designed as a replacement for Type IIR face masks in all non-medical settings.

Designed for The UK's Public Procurement Hub, Hunter accepted the challenge of addressing the vast amounts of disposable Type IIR face masks being procured by the UK emergency services and sought to find a solution that would reduce the amount of waste product, reduce procurement costs and improve wearer comfort all whilst ensuring that protection levels of disposable Type IIR masks were not compromised.
Throughout 2020 Hunter's award-winning R&D department developed a constantly improving product that would meet all of the requirements of our customers in the UK's emergency services but also would become a revolutionary product with the potential to change the environmental impact of disposable masks on a global scale.
Hunter designed The Worlds First Reusable EN14683 certified & Type IIR tested face cover that is now being worn in over 15 countries worldwide.
The Hunter Ultra Plus is exclusively available through Hunter Apparel Solutions Limited (Hunter) directly or for UK Public sector organisations via the National Framework For Consumable PPE held in partnership between Hunter and The UK's Procurement Hub.
Hunter was responsible for delivering well over 50 million units of Covid response PPE throughout the pandemic.

High level of Protection:

EN14683 Certified
Tested to Type IIR resistance
Antibacterial lining to offer an added layer of protection
Keeps protection for up to 100 washses
Meets WHO three layer requirement


Can be used for 100 wash cycles significantly reduces its environmental impact

Wearer Comfort:

Anti-fog nose bridge
Available in two sizes
Adjustable Ear Toggles

Cost Effectiveness:

Save at least £4.00 per Ultra Mask (Standard disposable Type IIR face covers cost at least £8 per 100 pack which is the equivalent of 1 Ultra Plus Mask)
Reduce storage space required
Reduce waste and costs of disposal


The product comes without logos or branding as standard.
Corporate branding and non stocked colours are available upon request.

For Orders with a quantity of at least 500 masks or for custom branding/non stocked colours, please see below:

You can contact us directly at or request a quotation from here


Made from 3 layers of fabric.
The Outer layer is fluid-resistant.
Both inner layers filter out fine dust and have antibacterial, antiviral properties.


Flat fold style.
Ultra-comfortable next to the skin.
Ultra-lightweight nose shaping.
Chin and nose facial shaping.

Key Features:

Antibacterial properties
Sun protection (UV protection) up to 95%.
Skin sensitive finish.
2 extendable comfort ear loops.

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