Hand Sanitizer 5 Litre - Alcohol Free

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Steri-Hands Fresh Foam deals rapidly and effectively with a wide list of bacteria, viruses, fungi & moulds, etc. A revolutionary product, which delivers residual-action control of a very wide range of micro-organisms while still being kind to the skin.

  • Alcohol-Free: 
    No issues with skin drying, irritation, flammability or even substance abuse. Kitchen Friendly!
  • Active Biocides: 
    Give effective and residual action – unlike alcohol-based products.
  • Unique “Dual-Quat”:
    Provides effective control of the widest range of microorganisms; including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including strains of flu, SARS, MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis & Canine Parvovirus.
  • Foam Application:
    Provides thorough skin coverage and is quick drying.
For data sheets or questions please contact us on messenger or at sales@hunterapparelsolutions.com

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