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JSP Powercap Infinity

4 -in-1 Fully integrated protection

Complies with:

EN 397: ANSI Z89.1: CSA Z94.1: GB2811 Head protection.

EN12941 (TH3P R SL device) with a nominal protection factor of 500 and a UK APF of 40. This is the highest possible rating to the EN 12941:1998+A2:2008 standard. NB: In the EU the APF varies - The UK is the lowest.

EN 166 Grade B (Protection from high-speed particles).

A powered TH3 air-purifying respirator with the addition of head, eye, and face protection. No face-fit test required and even seals with facial hair of up to one inch / 2.5cm.

PowerCap® Infinity® is intended for use in areas where respiratory protection from dust, spores, mist and fumes, head protection from falling objects, and eye/face protection from high-speed particles is required. Ideal for quarries, laying rail ballast, agriculture, demolition, concrete, metallic dust, mining, chemical spraying, pressure washing/blasting, etc &, etc. Ideal for use in circumstances where a belt-worn powered device and hose would be too restrictive.

The filters provided are high-efficiency particulate types supplied in pairs.
They will filter most particulate matter such as dust, spores, mist, and fumes.
Offers protection against non-toxic fibres, fumes and dust. They will not filter gases, vapors, or toxic substances.

The helmet also has the facility to accept the JSP Sonis helmet-mounted ear defenders - sold separately.

The operating temperature should be between +5°C and +40°C and relative humidity not greater than 75%.

A head-up display and audible warnings for battery use. The Powercap will deliver a minimum 160L/min of filtered air to the user for upwards of 8 hours through a fresh pair of filters and freshly recharged battery. The motor has been specially designed using F1 technology. Mains charger supplied.

PowerCap® Infinity® is rated as IP54 for protection against water and dust ingress. The unit can be used in dusty environments and in the rain. It should not be immersed in water.

Wheel ratchet head fitting adjustment.

A radio frequency identification (RFID) device has been built into PowerCap® Infinity® so that your maintenance records can be kept using JSP’s Asset Management system. This allows you to have full control over your PowerCap® Infinity® giving full access in the field to inspection dates, compliance documentation, product instructions, and much more.

Battery Type: Lithium-ion 3.6V, 5.2Ah, 18.72 Wh. The battery has an expected life of 500 cycles when charged.

The neoprene visor seal can be removed and hand washed at 30 degrees Centigrade and a dry flat wash cycle.

The Unilite HDL6R rechargeable head-torch which can be bought separately has been configured to stick permanently onto the front of the Infinity motor - on top of the JSP logo. So now you have it all.

Weight1200g (without ear defenders & head-torch).

Head size range 53-63cm The size range of the helmet, head circumference.

All spares can be located in 'Safety Helmet Accessories'.

Cleaning protocol for Covid 19:

PowerCap Infinity devices include a number of textile and electrical components. Immersion disinfection is therefore not possible.

Using wipes such as Clinell or cloth moistened with Milton™, Actichlor™ hydrogen peroxide (maximum 3%) clean all surfaces.

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