Type 5b/6b Coverall

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Microporous fabric provides soft and flexible fitting wearing.

Seams with high protection of particulates and low level of liquid sprays or splashes.


  • With hood and elasticated face opening/wrist/ankles.
  • Available for knitted cuffs, thumb loops, and reflective tape.
  • Anti-static treatment.

Protection Level

CE Cat. III, Type 5B, 6B

EN 13982-1:2004  Type 5 – Protection against solid dusts which are hazardous to health


Protective clothing for use against dry particulates. Performance requirements for protective clothing providing protection for the full body against airborne solid particulates.  These protective suits fulfill the requirement for Ljmn82/90 <  30 % and Ls8/10 <  15 % . 

EN 13034:2005    Type 6 – Protection against minor splashing


Protective clothing against liquid chemicals.Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals. The protective suits have undergone the complete testing for suits (5.2). Protective clothing against poisonous dust.

EN 1073-2:2002   Protection against radioactive dust particles


Protective clothing against radioactive dust particles (variant of the testing for type 5 items of clothing).

EN 14126:2003   Protection against infective agents


Protective clothing - Performance requirements and test methods for protective clothing against infective agents (biological pollutants).

EN 1149-1: 2004  Antistatic properties


Performance requirements for protective clothing with antistatic properties: Surface resistivity (<  2.5 x 109ohm).  Pieces of clothing are treated in order to be statically conductive on the inside.

Product use

  • Limited biological hazards and infective agents
  • Painting and dustproof
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Emergency services
  • Industrial pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Agriculture and veterinary service

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